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Karina Nunez

Karina is an architect with passion for design and effective communication. She joined the Fama team in 2009 as marketing manager of FLIPART.

Before relocating to Australia, Karina was based in Venezuela, where she split her time working as a communications consultant, coordinating all the promotion and design area for Venezuela's Ministry of Justice and completing post graduate studies in Integrated Marketing Communication Management at the prestigious Metropolitan University.

Communication and Design in the wide spectrum of the two words are her areas of interest. She is passionate about her work. That dedication has seen her taking up a number of roles with FAMA: staring as PR executive, continuing as Marketing manager and now busy in the role of associate producer. She likes to be part of the entire creative process, commencing with the big idea and seeing it implemented. One of her favourites is the process how a totally unknown is introduced to the mainstream market. From identifying it, getting the best images, writing effective copy, "selling it" to the press, letting everyone know of their arrival, picking them up, touring with then and the teary farewell at the airport when the artist leaves our shores.

11 Gould Street, Turner
Canberra ACT 2612
02 6247 9898