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ProjectsPura Vida 2011

  • Terraplén (Argentina)

    "Drums, accordion, keyboards, guitars, machines like a runaway train... modern, inviting and forceful, playing freely in a festival of sound in harmony with the cosmos."
    El Argentino

    After the Bajofondo experience of updating tango music, the multi-award winning and mega producer Gustavo Santaolalla winner of Oscars for Brokeback Mountain and Motorcycle Diaries, presents Terraplén. This electro-folk trio takes rhythms like bagualas, chacareras, zambas, carnavalitos, milongas and vidala into the 21st century and onto the dance floors blends traditional instruments with electronics. Featuring Gaby Kerpel, a pioneer of the Argentine electro-folk scene and the composer of the music for the wild interactive theatre production/rave Fuerza Bruta, and electronica virtuosos Daniel Martín and Diego Vainer, Terraplen's live show puts on stage musicians, computers, singers and traditional instruments giving the audience an opportunity to discover a new rhythm.

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  • Alda Rezende (Brazil)

    The Girl from Minas, featuring Esdra "Nenem" Ferreira

    "Alda is versatile at it best: opera, jazz, bossa nova, samba, classics, electronic music and pop – she can do them all and excels at it".
    Folha de Sao Paulo.

    Born in Belo Horizonte, Alda Rezende is a singer, songwriter, performer and owner of a voice unusual. A classically trained singer and a frequent listener of unprejudiced-rock and música popular brasileira-the result of this mixture is patent in the artist's work. Possessor of an uncommon deep and saucy voice, Alda Rezende's career has been a mix of all manner of music styles - Jazz, Bossa Nova, Samba and Pop. Alda has released two albums in Brazil, participated in numerous collaborations and has performed alongside major artists such as Elza Soares and João Bosco. Her vocal work is known by the originality of her voice and the quality of her repertoire, which is both unexpected and tasteful.

    Now, after having shared stages with the likes of Na Ozzetti, Ze Miguel Wisnik and Monica Salmaso she tours The Girl from Minas Gerais, with double-bassist extraordinaire Jonathan Zwartz, prodigious pianist Marcello Maio, celebrated saxophonist Lucien Johnson, guitarist extraordinaire Alistair Campbell and world renowned Brazilian percussionist Esdra "Nenem" Ferreira, a genius who has worked with Maria Rita, Milton Nascimento and many other Brazilian stars.

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  • Martin Buscaglia (Uruguay)

    "One of the most exciting exports from the tiny South American country of Uruguay is surely the music of the inspired and unpredictable Martín Buscaglia, or "the Uruguayan Prince". His music is a definition-defying Picasso of a pop canvas, which mixes deep funk with Spanish folk and flamenco, and crocodile-tear-jerking Latino love songs with squelchy synths and gay abandon. His hyper-kitsch cover of Minnie Riperton's "Loving you" doesn't just work, it somehow seems inevitable".
    Last FM, USA.
    "Martin blends the quirkiness of France's Manu Chao with the get-up-and-dance rhythms of Brazil's Jorge Ben. If quirky Latin dance/lounge music is something you like, give this sophisticated Uruguayan a try!"
    Carrboro News, North Carolina, USA

    Uruguayan boy-wonder Martin Buscaglia is some kind of South American blend of Prince and Caetano Veloso. He comes up with some cute Latino-pop, luscious candombe-funk with music that is gentle, percussive and very groovy, like early Beck in a Tropicalia style. He was born in a family of artists and is considered one of the most representative artists of the avant-garde in the River Plate in the last decade as composers, multi-instrumentalist and cultural provocateur. He has recorded and performed with Arnaldo Antunes, Juana Molina, Kiko Veneno, Hugo Fattorusso, Ruben Rada, Leo Maslíah, Fito Páez, Jorge Drexler, Caetano Veloso, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García. He has performed in Spain, The UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Mexico with his band, The Bochmakers as well as presenting his acclaimed one man show.

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  • Aline Calixto (Brazil)

    "Owner of a distinctive voice, and a presence no less remarkable, this Carioca has the" Minas' swing" in her heart and is ready for success".
    O Fino do Samba, Brasil.
    "A star that has come to claim her ground is being born, or her ocean, a mermaid's ocean".
    Moacyr Luz

    Aline Calixto is regarded as a promising new artist on the Brazilian samba scene, catching the attention of audiences and important industry critics and receiving several awards including the Novos Bambas do Velho Samba run by the prestigious Carioca da Gema Centre. She has taken part in several festivals including Stereoteca, Musica Independente and Conexao Vivo and participated in the Rio Carnival, performing alongside established names from the samba movement. Following a successful period in the independent music scene she was signed by Warner Music and her next album, Aline, was produced by Leandro Sapucahy, producer of Brazilian stars Maria Rita and Arlindo Cruz. Aline Calixto most striking feature is her beautiful voice joined with a singular stage presence that makes her show extremely special. This has been the opinion of the public, music critics, and other artists from the samba universe.

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  • Choc Quib Town (Colombia)

    "One of the most exciting new urban acts in Latin America... Choc Quib Town proves that Colombian music is way more than just Shakira and Juanes. Imagine if The Black Eyed Peas had their roots in Afro-Colombian rhythms"
    The Washington Post.

    Winners of the Latin Grammy as Best Alternative Band, Choc Quib Town are an Afro-Colombian hip-hop band founded in Quibdó, the capital city of the Chocó region of Colombia. The band comprises chiefly of rappers Tostao, Goyo, and Slow, in addition to several musicians who perform the band's tropical style of hip-hop. They have set out to rework the old songs for the hip-hop generation and perform a show that is an entertaining, upbeat and very danceable. The music effortlessly switches between material that has survived since slavery days including distinctive local rhythms like the upbeat bambazu and the slow, slinky currulao, along with the gently driving and chanting rumba, all performed on instruments like the African marimbas, with bursts of slick, often rapid-fire hip-hop. Hugely popular in Latin America, they have become the darlings of the European music festival circuit recently appearing at Glastonbury, Lovebox and New York's Summer Stage.

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  • Desorden Público (Venezuela)

    "The land of world-class oil, cocoa beans & beauty queens has a new export: a trademark Ska band."
    Fuse Magazine

    After 20 years of popularity and success in Latin America, including eight studio albums, several greatest hit releases and live performance in over 30 countries, Desorden Público are bringing their iconic sound to Australia as part of the Pura Vida Latin Music Festival. Thanks to songs like Latex, Allá Cayó, Tiembla, and La Danza de Los Esqueletos, and with the help of their politically loaded lyrics, humour and distinctive image and sound, Desorden Público is the longest living Latin American Ska band and has developed a faithful following.

    Desorden Público describes their music as 'for the head and feet'. The band's shows are filled with energy and the imminent fun of Latin rhythms, which contrasts with their down to earth, socially savvy lyrics. They're faithful to their distinctive sound, mixing ska, Latin rock, reggae and traditional Latin music, but are known for experimenting with popular Latin rhythms, jazz, cumbia, funk, salsa and afro-American percussion to complement their trademark sound.

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  • Renegado (Brazil)

    "Renegado is Brazilian hip hop for the 21st century".
    Journal Do Brasil

    A Minas rapper born in the favela community of Alto Vera Cruz, in the city of Belo Horizonte, Renegado is a self taught musician who began to sing aged 13 at the same time he began his work in the social movement. His first album, entitled Do Oiapoque a Nova York, was released in the second half of 2008, signed by highly regarded producer Daniel Ganjaman, responsible for projects by Instituto, Sabotage, Mombojo and other important names on the contemporary Brazilian music scene. Renegado was recognised with the Hutuz Prize as "Best Artist of the Year 2008". He seeks to incorporate other musical references into his work such as Reggae, Maracatu, Cuban music and Samba in addition to other typical examples of Brazilian cultural and regional traditions without ever abandoning the traditional characteristics of North American Rap and the social agenda behind Brazilian Hip-Hop.

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  • Victor Valdes and the Marin Brothers (Mexico - Chile)

    Fans of Latin American music should not miss Victor Valdes and the Marin Brothers who will take their audience on a musical journey with their fusion of Mexican, Argentinean and Andean music. In this rare collaboration, the artists will perform an exciting blend of Latin American folklore and contemporary fusion, pushing the boundaries of Latin music in Australia with ground breaking arrangements and world class musicianship. As a soloist and collaborative artist Victor Valdes has performed with renowned Mexican folk band Tlen Huicani, Placido Domingo, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Maya Jupiter, The Wiggles and Jimmy Barnes. Cesar and Steve Marin are part of the Marin family who have fostered the traditions and live performance of South American music in Australia for more than 25 years with their ensemble Sonido. Most recently, the brothers have achieved international acclaim with their own ground breaking funk/hip hop and Latin ensemble Son Veneno.


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  • Chukale with Buena Vista Social Club - Stars Felix Baloy and "Polo" Tamayo (Cuba)

    Directed by percussionist and lead singer Gustavo Cereijo, the eleven-piece Afro-Cuban Salsa ensemble "Chukale" has been delighting Australian audiences since 2005.

    On stage, Uruguayan born conga maestro Cereijo teams up with Daniel Gonzales on timbales, drummer Sacha Kloostra and Cuban bass player Osmar Salazar Hernandez to form the band's driving rhythm section. The Conservatorium trained brass section comprises trumpet players Bob Schultz and Michael Connors, and on trombone Shane Hannan, who combined with pianist Christo Iconomidis gives the band its unmistakable Salsa signature. Tika Roberte completes the band on vocals, and adds further energy to the stage with her unmistakable talent as a Latin dancer.

    Legendary Buena Vista Social Club lead singer Felix Baloy and flautist Policarpo "Polo" Tamayo recently paid Chukale its greatest compliment to date by recording with the band.

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  • Oscar Jiménez (Colombia)

    Known as the lead singer of ARIA Nominated band Watussi, Oscar has shared stages with many international artist such as Los Van Van, Seun Kuti, Clube do Balanço, and has recently toured with Santana on his latest visit to Australia.

    Born and raised in Colombia, Oscar is an experienced performer of many styles whose music is on the vanguard, crafting a cross-cultural sound that mirrors his geographical journey. An experienced performer of many styles, from Caribbean and South American traditional songs to reggae, funk and Latin jazz with a modern tip, he references Buena Vista Social Club, Carlos Vives, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Manu Chau and many more as key influences of his work. Oscar brings an intimate repertoire of original acoustic songs as well as some of the traditional anthems of his homeland Colombia.

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